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チャット / Chat / 聊天


Feel free to post your thoughts and impressions and let's interact with everyone ♪(You can also add a "Like! ♡" to the comment.)



For inquiries about rules and other details, please contact the address below.


<留意点 / Points to note / 注意事项





・If you enter your email address when posting, you can display the name of the person who posted it.

・If there is no e-mail address, it will be displayed as no name.

・This page can be viewed by anyone who knows the URL.

・If the secretariat determines that there is a problem in the post, it may be deleted without notice.

・如果您在发布时输入您的电子邮件地址,您可以显示发布者的姓名。 (电子邮件地址仅记录在本网站上。)

・知道 URL 的任何人都可以查看此页面。

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